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Web Site Costs and Free Quotes. Pay me in cash, gold, silver or barter with goods and services.

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Free web sites and hosting. Learn how to save money working with a Web Designer.

Web Site Costs

Here are the essential items needed to purchase for even the most basic rudimentary web site: Site Design + Domain Name + Hosting. There could be other Premium Services needed: Photography, Logo Creation, Copywriting, Research, eCommerce set-up, Marketing, etc. If I create your site, you do not need to pay extra to be optimized for SEO. That is included in the design.

There are no prices on this page because there are so many factors to consider, but the following information will give you an idea of the difference between a site of a couple thousand or hundred dollars.

Dreamweaver Site Design

Web sites are really just computer files of code that tell your browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.) how to make things look on your screen. Web Designers, like me, create those files and the corresponding photo, graphic and other digital images that go with them. We're paid handsomely! :)

I am able to design your site from scratch and create a distinctly unique web site, or you could choose a template which I will customize for you and add your content. Custom sites cost more because they take more time. I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 for all my web work which expedites the process.

The number of unique pages is also a cost factor. A site of 5 uniquely layed out pages costs more than a site with 5 pages with the same layout.

My sites generally cost $300 to $3000 + Premium Services + Hosting. Let's have a conversation about what you need and I'll give you a quote. Email me to start the conversation. I promise I won't sell you more than you need. I'm already telling you how to do it for free.

Premium Services

Here are some other services that can add to the cost of a web site. Some questions to ask:

  • Will the web designer need to take photos or movies of your facility, product or other items, or, will I need to scan and significantly edit photos?
  • Will the web designer need to obtain stock photography?
  • Will the web designer need to design a logo(s)?
  • Will this be an eCommerce site where you will sell products, services or other items and want to accept credit cards for payment?
  • Will the web designer need to write copy and create content?
  • Will this site have a blog?
  • Will visitors be able to make posts on or sign in to this site?
  • Will the web designer need to assist with marketing and promotional services such as setting up social media, press releases, creating advertisements or other?

Web Hosting & Domain Name

The files for your web site need to be hosted on a server that makes them available on the Internet. These servers are called Web Hosts and you pay for their services. You will also want a Domain Name which is your address on the Internt, such as Hosting and Domains are often purchased together as a package. Domains are about $13 +/-. For Hosting, if you pay on a month to month basis, it costs more than if you paid for a year or more up front. I usually pay for a year at a time and it costs between $65 and $135 depending on the site size.

There are over 600,000 web hosts. Finding a good one can be difficult. After some serious research, I have found a couple I like:


Ways to Save Money

Barter with me. Pay me in services or goods I need or in combination with cash. Let's negotiate. Though we'll trade in roughly equal value, bartering doesn't require cash in hand and therefore saves you actual cash out of pocket.

Choose a template. There are literally hundreds to choose from, including many free ones. They can be customized to be distinctly yours. Visit my Free Web Template Page.

Provide all the content. Write all your own copy and provide all your own photos, logos and graphics.

Do It Yourself! There are indeed free web sites and I'll tell you all you need to know. Visit my Free Web Sites Page.

Allow me to run my affiliate ads on your web site and I'll give a 10% discount. The ads wouldn't be large, obtrusive or offensive.

The AM The Evangelical Covenant Church Other Considerations

If you are an Anglican Mission in America, Anglican Church of Rwanda affiliated (PEAR) or Evangelical Covenant church planter, planting a new church anywhere in upstate New York, contact me for an extremely reduced, hard-to-resist rate.

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